January 9, 2017
Greg Boysen

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently enjoying their bye week as they go six days in between games and get a mandatory four full days off before returning to the practice ice on Thursday.  While we are sure that some players who are dealing with the normal bumps and bruises of a National Hockey League season like the time off, head coach Mike Babcock is not a fan of the bye week.

“If I’m a player safety guy, I think it’s 100% wrong,” Babcock said, per the Toronto Sun. “It doesn’t make any sense for me. You have so many games in a short period of time and (after the break) you are jamming in more. To me, the more days rest you have by not playing back to backs and jamming them in, the healthier you have a chance to be.”

Each team gets their time off sometime between January 1 and February 28.  This is the first season the NHL has implemented the bye week as the players associated demanded it be added to the schedule in order to approve the new 3-on-3 All-Star Game formant.

What do you think of bye weeks in the NHL?

Source: Toronto Sun
Image Credit: Toronto Maple Leafs