Are the Toronto Maple Leafs getting screwed when it comes to the celebration of their centennial year?

One fan definitely thinks so!

ElSeldo on Twitter, is putting together a spreadsheet of some of the things and forms of recognition the Montreal Canadiens received during their centennial celebration that the Leafs haven't yet received. 

To start off, he points out how the Montreal Canadiens received both the NHL Draft and NHL All-Star game during their centennial while the Leafs didn't received either of them. 

The Leafs however did received an outdoor game while the Canadiens didn't. 

When it comes to outside the NHL recognition, ElSeldo points out the Montreal Canadiens were recognized by EA Sports with NHL Legends in the game, were recognized by the Royal Canadian Mint with a special edition Loonie and recognized by Canada Post with some special edition stamps. 

It could also be pointed out that the Canadiens got a special edition of Monopoly, a special set of Upper Deck cards, and a special movie dedicated to the franchise. 

Do you think he has a point or is he just going too far?

Source: ElSeldo Twitter
Image Credit: Sportsnet