When Patrick Marleau signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs last week, many wondered if signing a 37-year-old winger to a three-year contract was a wise move. 


If you are worried about how much Marleau has got left in the tank, then Logan Couture’s recent comments will help put your mind at ease.  Couture raved about his former teammate during his appearance with TSN 1050’s Scott MacArthur.


“Patty was great. It’s going to be different for us in San Jose to walk into the rink and not see him,” Couture said, per Maple Leafs Hot Stove. “Obviously, he was there for a long time. In my eight years there, he was a big part of my hockey career. At the rink, just to watch him and the way he prepares, he’s a pro. He works as hard as anyone. There is a reason why he’s been in the NHL for 19 years and has been successful every year.


“It’s disappointing that he didn’t re-sign with us, but I’m really happy for him. I talked to him during the whole process and he was hoping to get a deal done and stay in San Jose, but obviously, that didn’t happen. Talking to some of the guys on the Sharks, we’re all happy that he got the three years. It’s good for him.


“It’s good for him. He’s still got some hockey left in him. He skates like he’s 21 still. He’s going to do well for Toronto.


“I can only imagine how difficult it is for himself and his family. His wife is from San Jose. He’s got the four boys out there in hockey and school and everything. To make that decision to leave was probably extremely difficult, but in talking to him, he’s very excited to play for the Leafs. I think it’s something that he’s always wanted to do, is play for a Canadian team. His relationship with Babs is strong from the Olympics. I think he’s just overall excited to play for Toronto.”

Source: TSN 1050 AM/Transcript via: Maple Leafs Hot Stove
Image Credit: AP