Toronto and Montreal are without a doubt the toughest hockey markets to play in.

That's one of the things that made Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylanders 2016-17 season so amazing, performing so well under such immense pressure as rookies. 

However, they've set the bar pretty high and will need to follow that up with successful sophomore season. 

Former Maple Leaf forward Phil Kessel returns every summer to train, and the media tracked him down and asked him how he thought the Leafs youngsters would handle the pressure in their second year. 

"It's always tougher the second year. There's a little more pressure," Kessel told this week. "They got good players there and you never know what happens, but, tough league ...

"Every year is different. You never know who's going to make the playoffs - even the best teams might miss the playoffs."

With the rookies cracking the playoffs in their first year, the pressure and expectations will definitely be there in year two. 

How do you think the youngsters will handle the pressure in their sophomore season?

Source: TSN via The Score