While everything seems to be going extremely well for Lou Lamoriello and his Toronto Maple Leafs, it was a rough night for one of his prospects on Saturday. 

In a game between Mora IK and HV71, Leafs prospect Pierre Engvall was badly hurt and required immediate surgery after the game thanks to a questionable hit by Micheal Haga. 

To top it off, Mora is actually Engavll's former team, however he changed team's this year and now plays for the defending champions. He seems to have suffered a fractured clavicle. 

"We did X-rays up here and it confirmed the suspicion that it's a fracture. He is being operated on in Jönköping tomorrow (Sunday) and is probably gone all year. But we know clearly more precisely when the surgery has been completed," said HV71's physiotherapist Andreas Frostemark after the match.

“It went as expected. We expect that it will take around three months before Pierre can play again. In one to two weeks he can start training the lower body and start skating,” says Kalman.

We hope he has a speedy recovery. Check out the hit below, do you think this was dirty?

Source: Pension Plan Puppets
Image Credit: Getty Images