On Wednesday night, the New Jersey Devils rolled into town and put an end to the Toronto Maple Leafs perfect start to the season handing them a 6-3 loss. 

Head coach Mike Babcock said before the game, he felt it was a "trap game" and was scared the Leafs would underestimate the Devils the way so many teams underestimated his team last year.

The coach was right. 

The team had lots of breakdown's defensively and Babcock said despite the game being tied 2-2 after one, the Devils were in full control the whole time. 

"I didn’t think we worked. I thought the other team was good. I thought they skated. I thought they skated us into the ground. They won all the stick battles right from the get go. It was 2-2 at the end of one, but that flattered us big time." Babcock said post game according to Maple Leaf Hotstove  "We never had any time engaged. We talked quite a bit about this game coming up and how it was going to be. That’s exactly what I expected, but I expected us to compete and that didn’t happen. Hockey is fair. You get what you deserve. That’s what we deserved tonight."

Babcock was extremely disappointed in his team's effort and warns that if the team comes out the same way Saturday, it'll be hard to beat Montreal. 

"Well, obviously, we’ve got an off day tomorrow, so we’re going to enjoy that, and then we’ll get back and get ready to work. Life is so simple. You do good things, good things happen. You don’t, you cheat yourself, and you look like that. We’ll have lots of time tomorrow to look at the game tape and get ourselves ready. We’re going to play a hungry Montreal team. We’re going to have to be way better than we were tonight. I was disappointed. I can’t remember the last time we played with that kind of effort. I mean, they’re goalie was great and all of those things. I’m not taking anything away from their team, but we didn’t have any snap, any juice. We didn’t win any battles."

Source: Maple Leaf Hot Stove