Former Toronto Maple Leafs' head coach Mike Babcock has yet to find a new coaching opportunity in the NHL and it continues to seem like he's blackballed. 

After Babcock was fired by the Leafs some stories surfaced about how he treated some players from both his Detroit Red Wings and Leafs' stints. 

When it comes to the Leafs, at the top of the list is the now infamous Mitch Marner story. 

Babcock reportedly made Marner write down a list of all the players on the team and rank them by effort level on the ice. 

He then read the list to the whole team during a plane ride. 

Babcock was asked about the incident during a recent interview with David Singh of Sportsnet. 

“Some of this stuff doesn’t add up”

“The reality is, after the fact, especially in today’s social media world, you can say whatever you want,” he begins. “It’s not my job to go out and say, ‘No, that didn’t happen.’”

Did he bully Marner?

“That’s a complete farce the way it’s talked about and the way it happened. It didn’t happen like that,” he says. “I asked the kid to do something. He did it. The next player came in … So did I ever try to put Mitch Marner in a tough place? Mitch Marner played great for Mike Babcock.”

What do you think of Babcock's comments?