After a pretty quiet couple of days in Toronto Maple Leafs land, there's been some drama. 

Kyle Dubas hired a new goalie coach for the Toronto Marlies and it didn't end up being a popular choice. 

Dusty Imoo was set to take over but some users on social media dug up some very weird social media activity by Imoo with some people suggesting he was anti-black and homophobic. 

After some digging and the backlash on social media president Brendan Shanahan decided to make a move. 

That was move was to fire Imoo just a couple of days after he was hired. 

"Dusty Imoo will not be joining the Toronto Marlies. 

We made a mistake by not thoroughly following our organizational protocols when considering this candidate for the position of goaltending coach for the Toronto Marlies."

You can check out Shanahan's statement and some of the Imoo "liked" screen shots below. 

Do you think Shanahan made the right call?