Some interesting news was revealed on Wednesday. 

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly has been dealing with an injury all season. 

The Leafs defenseman revealed the details to The Athletic's Jonas Siegel. 

"It was a pretty significant amount of pain," Rielly said "But I did my MRIs and everything like that and there was no damage to the real important things. So it was just a matter of pain management."

The revelation makes a lot of sense as Rielly just hasn't been putting up the numbers that were expected from him this year. Rielly hasn't scored a goal in the last 20 games and has just three goals on the season. 

The good news, Rielly received some treatment over the holiday break which has made the pain easier to work with. 

"We took some action over the Christmas holidays and I'm feeling much better after some minor stuff that we did," he said. "And I think it's just having confidence - and the pain is way lower than it was, and I’m able to just go out and play more."

No specifics have been revealed about the injury beside that it's "lower body". 

Rielly has still been able to lead the Leafs in ice time, registering an average of 24:19 game.