The Toronto Maple Leafs were once again eliminated by the Boston Bruins in the first round. 

It was a disappointing ending to the Leafs' season as the team isn't able to get past the first round once again. 

A lot of fingers have been pointed at head coach Mike Babcock's coaching decisions, however at the end of the day the Leafs didn't score and you can't win without scoring. 

After the game Bruins' general manager Don Sweeney had lots to say about the Leafs. 

“I told Kyle he’s building a hell of a team there,” Sweeney told The Athletic “You got to give that team a lot of credit. That’s a dangerous hockey club. They’re a talented hockey club. We knew it was going to be a tough series right from the get-go. …

“But that’s a hell of a hockey club.”

“You knew going in it was a pick’em series and you wondered whether home ice would play out to the advantage and early on it wasn’t,” he said. “But tonight it was. The crowd was a factor.”

Does Sweeney's comments make you feel any better about the disappointing loss?

Source: The Athletic