There's been lots and lots of talk about how this year is the year that we see our first offer sheet signed since Ryan O'Reilly signed one with the Calgary Flames back in 2013 when he was still a member of the Colorado Avalanche. 

Many analysts have pointed at Mitch Marner as being the likely recipient of that offer sheet, however getting Marner to sign anything will likely require a massive offer in the $11-12million a year range which would cost the team four first round picks. 

Might teams strategically go for players with lower salaries?

That's what the people at TVA Sports in Montreal think and they think Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin might try and get Kasperi Kapanen to sign one. 

Kapanen wouldn't cost anything close to what Marner would cost and the Canadiens could offer somewhere between $4.23-$6.63million a season which would only cost the Canadiens a first and a third round pick in compensation. 

The Leafs' 22 year old forward registered 20 goals and 24 assists this year but was a little quiet in the playoffs with only two points in seven games. 

Source: TVA Sports