The Mitch Marner saga continues and has created quite the debate between some Leafs' fans. 

Some believe the Leafs are to blame for the situation, while others blame Marner and say he's being too greedy. 

Nobody knows what's really going on but when all is said and done, Marner is one of the best players in the NHL and deserves to get paid. 

That's exactly how former Leafs' forward Dave Bolland feels, so much so he believes Marner deserves to earn more money than Auston Matthews. 

Replying to somebody who Tweeted "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world Mitch Marner is worth $10M per year.", Bolland replied "He’s worth more then Matthews forsure..".

Well that rubbed one Leafs' fan the wrong way and he took it a bit too far.

"It's too bad those concussions are still effecting you, seek help.."

Bolland took it stride and shot back pretty hard.

"It’s too bad you guys won’t see a cup in 50 years#signmarner"