The Toronto Maple Leafs standoff with Mitch Marner continues and the two sides don't seem to be close at all. 

Marner continues to stand firm in his demands while the Leafs continue to try and get a long term deal done. 

This week Bob McKenzie made a big statement when he said that he believes the Leafs are just waiting for an offer sheet because it'll help the situation come to a close. McKenzie also stated that the two sides are nowhere close on term or money when it comes to a new contract. 

He's not the only one that revealed some interesting information as Elliotte Friedman dropped an interesting tidbit during his latest "31 Thoughts" podcast with Jeff Marek. 

Friedman mentioned that last year's William Nylander holdout has really set a standard for this offseason and received an interesting prediction from an agent. 

"This is the year where if this goes into November, somebody's missing the full season. He said that what happened with Nylander last year is going to hurt the players. He said that last year Toronto decided they were all in on the Stanley Cup so they made the deal at the last minute and gave Nylander a really good deal. 

There's going to be somebody this year who's going to look at their season in November and say 'yeah we're not caving in at the last second'". 

Do you think Toronto would let Marner sit the season out?

If Marner was forced to sit the season out, do you think that it would totally sour the relationship between the two sides?

Source: Elliotte Friedman - 31 Thoughts Podcast.