The rumours continue to swirl regarding Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri. 

Many believe he'll be shipped out of town to give the Leafs some cap space and others add it's because he's worn out his welcome thanks to another playoff suspension. 

According to one former NHLer, there's no more need to wait as a Kadri deal is done and just needs to be finalized. 

Sean Avery jumped on social media yesterday and reported that Kadri has been traded to the Winnipeg Jets. 

According to Avery's "sources", the Leafs would get Jacob Trouba in return. 

While Trouba could arguably be the perfect fit for the Leafs, the problem here is that Trouba is a restricted free agent coming off a one year deal that saw him get paid $5.5million. He'll likely be looking for a nice pay raise, something that the Leafs might not be able to give him. 

Avery is far from an insider so take this trade "report" with a grain of salt. 

Regardless if true or not, would you make this trade?

Source: Sean Avery