The 2019-20 NHL season is still up in the air however the majority of teams believe it will continue someway somehow. 

We've seen the NHLPA propose a way to finish out the full season and playoffs, while some owners have proposed a 24 team playoff bracket. 

We now have a full 31 team playoff bracket which would erase the Conferences for the playoffs and put everybody in one big tournament. 

That's right, even the Detroit Red Wings would have a chance at the Stanley Cup. 

According to this format, the first round would consist of a single elimination game between the bottom 14 teams in the current standings. 

That would give the Toronto Maple Leafs a bye to Round 2 where they would play the 4th lowest seeded round 1 winner in a best of three series.

Check out the full bracket below, what do you think of this?