As the Toronto Maple Leafs get ready for the first game of their first round matchup against the Boston Bruins, one former New York Islanders' forward has decided it's the perfect time to strike. 

Islanders' legend Clark Gillies has taken a couple of shots at Leafs' forward John Tavares for his decisions made last season and through the summer. 

Of course the timing is funny as Tavares is locked in for the first round matchup.

"He screwed the team out of getting a first- or second-round draft pick at the trading deadline," Gillies said. "They could have traded him to a contender.
"The fact that he left [and] everybody said 'they are no good anymore' ... was a huge motivational factor for the guys that stayed behind."

While Gillies does point out that JT is a good kid, he made a drastic mistake. 

"Forget what a great young man he is - and I think he is a great young man - I think he made a huge mistake and it cost this franchise," he said. "It probably set us back a couple years." 

Source: Newsday