The Toronto Maple Leafs almost saw a huge opportunity slip through their hands light night against the Edmonton Oilers. 

With the Oilers grabbing the early lead, the Leafs were able to put together a late comeback and eventually take the game in OT. The win helped them keep a two point lead in the division with two points up on Winnipeg and now three points up on Edmonton. 

It was almost a similar situation to the game against Ottawa and much like the game against Ottawa, goalie Jack Campbell is shouldering the blame. 

"I'm not gonna sugarcoat it: I just didn't have it tonight. Didn't like my game one bit. What a really great team does is they pick guys up and they picked me up tonight and I'm really, really proud of the boys."

"I'm not too worried about [tonight]. I didn't like my game but I know what to do to fix it. I'll be ready to go tomorrow at practice, that's for sure."

Do you think Campbell will get it going or are you a bit worried?