After about a week off the Toronto Maple Leafs were finally back on the ice last night. 

It was a bit of a tense game but the Leafs were able to pull off the 3-2 win in overtime after the Sens jumped out to 1-0 lead in the first period.

While goalie Jack Campbell looked pretty solid for the majority of the game, he had a couple of fumbles that were costly. 

After the game Campbell wasn't pointing the finger at anybody but himself for the two goals. 

"I feel bad about those two goals. I don't want to kill the momentum and we played so well and I know those those types of goals just can't go in."

"I still beat myself up over those, they just can't go in. I'm not happy with myself's about the team. You know they need the next save, and they need better plays from me."

Defenseman Justin Holl wasn't letting Campbell get too down on the plays though. 

"I thought he was great. I told him after the game, like I thought both decisions were the right decisions, it's just the plays didn't work."

What do you think of Campbell's comments?