The Toronto Maple Leafs don't have the best goalie situation in the world, especially now with Petr Mrazek out another 4 weeks. 

Some are calling the Mrazek signing a bust, despite there being plenty of season left. 

The current situation just shows how much more important Jack Campbell is to the Leafs than many are willing to admit. 

Recently some NHL insiders have been reporting that the Leafs and Campbell's camp have had talks regarding a contract extension. 

Fake news according to Campbell's agent. 

"Whoever said we are talking is full of crap. That's so inaccurate.... There's been no material discussions. Jack just wants to play hockey. That's it."

Very interesting comments from Campbell's agent Kurt Overhardt. 

With Campbell ready to hit free agency next offseason, do you think the 29 year old wants to test the market before staying in Toronto?