The Toronto Maple Leafs made a lot of noise yesterday when they signed superstar Auston Matthews to a five year contract extension. 

It's amazing to know that Matthews will be locked up with the Leafs for the next five years, however nobody knows really what the rest of the roster will look like. 

With Matthews signed and assuming the cap goes up to $85million next year, the team has only 14 players signed with a $71million cap hit. 

That means the Leafs will have to figure out a way to have another six players on the roster for only $14million. 

Dubas was asked about it on TSN Overdrive: 

"I understand your concern. You’ve done your research and know the situation that we’re in. I think that we talk about this every day and we go through this every day, really, since going back years now. It has not been something that we say, “Okay, we’ll get all these contracts done, then we’ll worry about it.” It is a discussion that we have here ongoing daily. In our prognosticating, we know that next season will be our toughest year, and then the salary cap has grown every year, so with that and different things that will occur and happen, we’ll start to gain some breathing room.

I think next year the pressure to execute what you’ve outlined falls solely on me and filling the edges of our roster. As you just outlined it, it’s essentially just $14 million across six bodies to field a team each night. Once we kind of get through this next stretch and get through to the summer, we’ll have more certainty on our other RFAs and the pressure to fill around the edges of the roster and make sure that we are performing well will fall directly on me.

I know that is what myself and our management team will be judged by and what the fans and the media should be judging us on. I am excited about it. We’ve worked extremely hard at it. We won’t be right all of the time or a lot of the time, but it’s trying to be more right than wrong and give our coaches and players — who have done such a great job this season and in the past — the ability to keep reaching their potential. That is what we will keep working towards."

It's going to be quite the work for Dubas. 

Source: Maple Leaf Hot Stove