The Toronto Maple Leafs and general manager Kyle Dubas decided to sit back and watch the game of goalie magical chairs during free agency. 

Does that mean that the Leafs have decided to roll with Frederik Andersen for next season?

Not exactly. 

NHL insider Nick Kypreos has mentioned previously that there's basically zero chance that Andersen starts the season in a Leafs' uniform. 

It's been confirmed by various insiders that the Leafs have had trade talks with the Columbus Blue Jackets about Andersen and it seems those talks might not be dead yet. 

According to Howard Berger, there's still a trade possibility on the table. 

Berger reveals that a bit of an overpayment would be able to let the Leafs get the deal done according to his sources. 

Something like Andersen, Alexander Kerfoot, Travis Dermott and a draft pick for Joonas Korpisalo along with a couple of minor pieces. 

This would give the Leafs an extra year of having a starting goalie under contract. 

Would you make a blockbuster trade like this just to get rid of Andersen?

It's been repeated over and over again how the Leafs just aren't happy with Andersen's 0 for 8 record in clinching or deciding playoff games.

Source: Howard Berger