We heard very clearly last week that defenseman PK Subban was going to get traded. 

Then we heard that the Toronto Maple Leafs might be in the mix.

Well it seems it was more than rumours and that the Leafs were in the mix for Subban up until the Devils deal got done. 

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet revealed on Wednesday that the Subban came down to Toronto, Vancouver, New Jersey an another unnamed team. 

The Leafs were possibly making the strongest push but needed salary cap retained and weren't moving as fast as Predators GM David Poile wanted so he went and made the deal with the Devils. 

"Here’s Devils GM Ray Shero on the PK Subban trade timeline: “Friday night, (Nashville GM David Poile) was trying to make a decision and he said, ‘I’ll call you tonight.’ He didn’t…and that’s not like David, really. So this morning, I was having coffee with (Devils owner) Josh Harris, and (David) called me, and first apologized for not calling (Friday night). He just said, ‘Listen, I’m not gonna wait on something else that I’m looking at, do you want to do this?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’”

Poile said in his post-draft availability that there were four teams, with New Jersey being the only one that could take Subban’s full contract. I believe Toronto and Vancouver were two of the other three. It sounds like the Predators wanted Adam Gaudette in the package from Vancouver, but — and this is my sense more than absolute truth — that the Maple Leafs went harder at Subban. I think they’re the team Poile was waiting on."

Would you have liked Subban in a Leafs' jersey?

Source: Elliotte Friedman