The NHL is getting ready to get things going again and it's just a matter of figuring out the final details. 

People want hockey back and there's only been a small amount of push back from players. 

However now one Toronto Maple Leafs' forward has brought up a very serious concern. 

While hanging out on Twitch, Mitch Marner brought up the seriousness and safety concerns. 

"My thought on this is: OK, I'm all down for starting everything back up, let's rock," Marner said . "But what if someone gets sick and dies? What happens?

"It's awful to think about, but still."

When somebody on the stream brought up how hockey players are super healthy, Marner pointed out how some plays have conditions that could put them in a tough position like Max Domi who has type 1 diabetes. 

So far NHL players have avoided COVID-19 with only a couple of players on the Ottawa Senators and Colorado Avalanche testing positive. Both teams were able to keep things under control and didn't spread any farther through the teams and the positives are most likely linked to California road trips.

It'll be interesting to see how everything is presented to the NHLPA and if players consider voting against return to play.