While the Toronto Maple Leafs get ready for their matchup tonight against the lowly Anaheim Ducks, the talk of the town continues to be Auston Matthews' next contract. 

Matthews and the Leafs are trying to get a deal done before the trade deadline so that general manager Kyle Dubas has better idea of what he can do at the trade deadline. 

From all accounts, it's pretty much guaranteed Matthews won't be signing an 8 year extension.

It's looking like a 5 or 6 year deal and according to Sportsnet's Chris Johnston, since Matthews will take the shorter deal he won't make more than Connor McDavid's $12.5million a season. 

Johnston reports that it'll likely be a $11million a season on a 5 year deal or $12million a season on a 6 year deal.

A six year deal would be ideal for the Leafs as it buys them two years of Matthews' UFA years. 

Source: Chris Johnston Sportsnet