It's going to be a huge game tonight for the Toronto Maple Leafs and John Tavares as he returns to New York to face the Islanders for the first time since leaving during free agency. 

There's a large group of Islanders' fans who are still extremely upset over the fact that Tavares decided to move on from Long Island during free agency and sign with his hometown Leafs. 

Those fans have made videos calling him a bum and "pajama boy", regardless Tavares has moved on and is enjoying his time in Toronto. 

With some fans ready to boo Tavares tonight, Babcock was asked about all the heat Tavares is getting leading up to the game. 

"I always say in my family, if your knees don't hit the kitchen table, your opinion probably doesn't matter."

Classic comment from Babs.

Regardless of what happens Babcock wants Tavares to get this game done with "put it to bed". 

"He’s a good man, he was good for their franchise, he’s great for our franchise, he made a decision to come home. I don’t know if anyone can fault him for that."

Source: Kisten Shelton Twitter