Over the last week we've heard former NHLers Mike Commodore and Mark Fraser come out and blast Mike Babcock after he was fired. 

While the stories might be true, it's just two players out of hundreds that Babcock has coached. 

Now a story has surfaced which involves Babcock throwing then rookie, Mitch Marner, under the bus. 

Here's the story as told by Ian Tulloch of Leafsnation.com:

"As the story goes, Mike Babcock was frustrated with Mitch Marner for his perceived laziness in the first half of his rookie season. According to multiple sources, during the Father’s Weekend road trip in January of 2017, Babcock asked Marner to rank his teammates’ effort level that season in order of 1 through 20, ranging from the hardest working to the laziest.

Marner obliged, and, per multiple sources, put himself at the bottom of the list, with both parties agreeing that he needed to work harder without the puck. What Babcock didn’t tell Marner was that he was preparing to show this list to some of the players who Marner had ranked towards the bottom.

Specifically, Tyler Bozak and Nazem Kadri.

According to multiple sources, Marner was in tears after the details of his list were shared, while his teammates were furious — specifically with Babcock. They couldn’t believe their head coach would put a 19-year-old in that situation, especially considering how well-liked Marner was in the dressing room."

This is a pretty strong story, what do you think of the details?

Source: Ian Tulloch, Leafs Nation