The Toronto Maple Leafs announced recently that Lou Lamoriello would not be back as general manager going forward for the Leafs. 

It was all part of Brendan Shanahan's plan and many presumed that Kyle Dubas had been groomed to be next in line. 

However a week after the Lamoriello announcement, Dubas still hasn't been introduced as the team's GM and chatter is starting to build he might not be the man for the job. 

During Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday, Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos stated that the chatter around the league is that Mark Hunter will be the Leafs next GM. 

“A lot of executives I’ve spoken with believe that when it comes to the next general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, it goes in the favour of Mark Hunter, for no other reason than his resume,” Kypreos said.

When it comes to resumes, Hunter clearly has the advantage, however many believe that Dubas will help the Leafs move forward in today's changing game. 

“A lot of executives still believe that Kyle Dubas pales in comparison to the years of experience and multiple Memorials Cups [of Hunter],” Kypreos said. “The issue for [team president] Brendan Shanahan going forward is that if he decides to go with Kyle Dubas, he runs the risk of losing Mark Hunter, who would have a tough time answering to Dubas.”

Elliotte Friedman went on to confirm that Shanahan met with Hunter on Friday to discuss the position. 

Source: Sportsnet