As Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Nick Robertson was celebrating his 20th birthday this past Saturday, the world was mourning the terrible events that took place 20 years ago. 

September 11th is a date that many will never forget and while Robertson was born on the day of those tragic events he revealed quite the story. 

As so many were fighting for their lives, so was Robertson under different circumstances as he was born 10-12 weeks premature without fully developed lungs. 

After giving Robertson three shots to try and get oxygen to his brain that were unsuccessful, the doctors were forced to try a fourth that could save him or kill him. 

While Robertson was fighting for his life his mother was at the same time as she needed blood. 

With such a hectic morning, Robertson's father, Hugh, had no idea what was going on and people in line at the blood clinic informed him and let him go to the front of the line. 

"With the tragedy that was happening then, people were fighting for their lives, but I was fighting for my life too, ironically," Robertson said, according to the Toronto Star's Kevin McGran. "But the circumstances were different."

"They told him about the plane hitting the towers. And then one by one, they let my dad go in front of them to donate blood," Robertson said.

"My birthday doesn't seem like a birthday," he said. "It's more a memorial in recognition of the tragedy that happened that day."

Absolutely crazy story from Robertson.

Source: Toronto Star