We've heard a couple of names thrown around when it comes to the NHL trade deadline and the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Names at every position have been mentioned but Leafs' general manager Kyle Dubas has made it clear that landing a forward is his #1 priority. 

One forward that's been heavily attached to the Leafs is Nashville Predators' forward Mikael Granlund. 

The Preds have fought back a little bit for a playoff spot but they're still on the fence when it comes to making it. 

If the Preds were to move Granlund, NHL insider Pierre LeBrun reveals what it would take for the Leafs to land him thanks to an anonymous executive. 

According to said executive, the Leafs could land Granlund by sending Alexander Kerfoot, a 2021 second-round pick and prospect Filip Hållander.

"The money on the players is almost the same but Granlund is expiring and Kerfoot has two years left. So Toronto would basically be paying a second-round pick for Granlund and then giving up Hallander — or a similar mid-range prospect — as the price for taking two years of Kerfoot’s money to give them more flexibility going forward (and at the deadline)."

Dubas has admitted that he's not necessarily looking for a money in money out "hockey deal" and would be willing to grab a rental player who becomes UFA after the season. 

Would you be willing to give this up for Granlund?

Source: Pierre LeBrun The Athletic