The Toronto Maple Leafs and general manager Kyle Dubas have plenty of work to do this summer. 

Of course at the top of the list is Mitch Marner and Dubas has said he likely won't get anything else done before Marner is signed. 

Aside from Marner, one of the contracts which should be at the top of the list is fellow restricted free agent Kasperi Kapanen. 

The 22 year old had a great first full season in the NHL with 20 goals and 24 assists in 78 games with the Leafs. 

Ideally the Leafs would like to sign Kapanen long term, however with all the big contracts Toronto is already locked into, Kapanen might go for the shorter deal hoping for a bigger payday down the line.

Evolving Wild of Hockey Graphs put together a ufa/rfa contract prediction model which uses all possible comparables over the last couple of seasons along with advanced number crunching. 

Their prediction for Kapanen?

A two year contract with a $2.269million cap hit per season. 

We're pretty sure everybody would love to see Kapanen sign that, not sure if Kapanen would though.

Do you see both sides agreeing to a contract like that?