The Montreal Canadiens have gone ice cold since their red hot start to the season. 

After getting shut out by the Edmonton Oilers last night, life doesn't get much easier as they'll play the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night. 

Those same Maple Leafs that they've lost to twice already this season. 

After a red hot start to the season, we heard declarations from certain members of the media that the Canadiens were a juggernaut in the Canadian division and would be hard to put away. 

Unfortunately for the Habs, that has since changed losing three out of their last four. 

Canadiens' captain Shea Weber was asked about playing the Leafs on Saturday and praised them. 

"We want to get to the way we were playing early on, there's no better way than to play the best so they're kinda the measuring stick for our division at this point and it's good for us to have another opportunity before a little time off"

Weber calling the Leafs' the best team in the North.