The Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling right now and fingers are pointed at one of their $10million forwards. 

Mitch Marner has now gone 14 consecutive games without scoring a goal going back to last season's playoff run and end of season. 

He's looked like a shell of his former self on the ice and many on social media are saying there's just no effort there. 

He couldn't get anything going with John Tavares to start the season and since Auston Matthews has been back, he hasn't been able to get anything going either. 

He's had flashes but overall nothing has worked. 

Head coach Sheldon Keefe reunited Marner with Tavares when the game was out of reach on Saturday but not much changed. 

"We're still early in the season. Obviously it's not what we wanted. Day off in Carolina. Fresh page. Go over what we did wrong tonight. We know a lot of the things we did wrong."

Marner trying to put a positive spin on things over the weekend. 

Are you at all worried about Marner?

If we're counting, his last goal came over 6 months ago.