The Toronto Maple Leafs have a very heavy summer that they'll have to be navigating through. 

Clearly it won't hurt so much if the Leafs win the Stanley Cup this season, however if they don't they'll have to get cracking on how to keep the team together. 

While it won't give them any extra cap space, Thomas Williams of Maple Leafs Nation brings up the interesting idea of hiring Steve Yzerman. 

Yzerman will officially leave his position with the Tampa Bay Lightning when the season is over and will be a "free agent" so to speak. Speculation has run rampant that he'll take a job with the Detroit Red Wings, however there's no guarantee of that. 

Yzerman would come to a great situation and would join a former pal in Brendan Shanahan. Combining Shanahan, Yzerman along with Kyle Dubas would definitely give the Leafs one of if not the strongest front office team in the league. 

Would this be a home addition for the Leafs?

Source: Maple Leafs Nation