The relationship between the Toronto Maple Leafs and goalie Frederik Andersen is likely over leaving a big hole on the roster. 

While Jack Campbell showed he's part of the Leafs' roster moving forward, many believe he can't be a full time starter and the Leafs next year will likely look for a 1A 1B goalie situation like many teams have turned to across the league. 

According to James Mirtle of The Athletic, they could be targeting one of the biggest names available. 

2021 Vezina Trophy winner and Vegas Golden Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is likely changing team's this year and Mirtle has him at the top of the Leafs' list. 

"There’s Ed Belfour-esque potential with Fleury: add an aging (36) but still successful goalie in a push for playoff success, as the Leafs did 19 years ago with Eddie The Eagle. Fleury won his first Vezina Trophy after a remarkable season this year: six shutouts with a .928 save percentage — in his 17th NHL season. Though he’s had playoff hiccups at times, Fleury has nevertheless won three Stanley Cups and reached five Stanley Cup Finals. He and Campbell stand to be a pretty good combo next season, after which the Leafs could sort out their future in goal. But would the Golden Knights be willing to eat some of Fleury’s $7 million cap hit if there’s a trade to be made? And how high would the cost be to acquire the popular goalie who just took home the Vezina? Big questions. But definitely an intriguing option for the Leafs, who would benefit from someone with Fleury’s ability and experience, even if it was only for one season."

Do you think he would be a perfect fit for the Leafs?

Source: James Mirtle