It's something that we've heard about for a couple of years but just sounded like a rumour however last week it became real. 

Joe Thornton left the San Jose Sharks and signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs during free agency. 

While speaking to the media Thornton revealed the three key reasons for him joining the Leafs. 

To start, Thornton revealed that he had a special conversation with legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana about leaving for a new team after a long time. 

Reason number two was because of his grandparents who still live in the area and it'll give him the opportunity for his children to get closer to their grandparents. 

The third and most important reason for everybody is because he wants to finally win a Stanley Cup. 

"I need to win a Stanley Cup, and I think this is a great team that can do that," said Thornton.

Pretty awesome!!