The Toronto Maple Leafs just made a coaching change and it sounds like they could be ready to make a roster change soon. 

NHL insider Chris Johnston reports that there could be something brewing between the Leafs and the St. Louis Blues. 

Johnston reveals that Blues GM Doug Armstrong along with Blues vice president of hockey operations Dave Taylor were both at Saturday's game against the Avalanche in Colorado. 

"Yes Doug Armstrong is here, of the St. Louis Blues, and he is also with his vice president of hockey operations Dave Taylor," revealed Johnston. "Obviously whenever you see two senior executives from one team in a building it raises some eyebrows... "

Johnston added that it's the second time the duo have watched the Leafs in person recently. 

"This is at least the second time that Armstrong has watched the Leafs play live this season and they have had a number of senior staffers around the Maple Leafs this season."

Source: Chris Johnston Sportsnet